Our Living Room

I suppose it is time I let you see the progress of our house. We did move in over 8 months ago, so.. here's the living room.

_MG_3394 _MG_3390





I would have picked up the clutter, but that is just crazy talk, there is always something laying around. We just switched a dresser the TV was sitting on for that shelf so we need to adjust the picture being covered up yet. You may also notice the picture frames above the couch are only half filled--totally normal here.
We plan on getting new (to us) couches soon, just haven't found the right ones. As for the very stained carpet, that will be here for a while. Tyler wants to replace it sooner, but right before adding two babies.. um.. not sure how long new carpet would stay stain free.
We are doing some moving around of rooms and rearranging before the twins arrive, so maybe someday soon I will share another room with you!

P.S. I'm missing one view of the living room, but only because that would totally spoil the kitchen reveal.


Barb said…
Looks great! What a difference from the before!
Skye said…
I think it looks great! There is nothing like when you move in and making it your own with your own touch! We all have lists of things to get to - we have been in our house for 8 years and still have a Gi-Normous list! haha! Good luck - doing good!
Lesly said…
i have the same problem... i dont know what are the right couches with kiddos. although yours look super comfy.

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