Baking Soda and Vinegar

My blogging friend recently posted about trying out a little science experiment with her son {here}. It looked like something new and interesting to try, so we did today. We grabbed a muffin tin, a wet measuring cup, the baking soda, the vinegar, and some food coloring and headed out to the deck. All I had to do was dump a little baking soda in each of the muffin tin holes and put some vinegar in the measuring cup (a little at a time) and we were occupied for a good 30+ minutes. For a toddler (mine, at least) that is a pretty good chunk of time.


Mason absolutely loved this. Every time he poured the vinegar and it made the bubbles, he said "Whoa.."
We added some food coloring, that way we could talk about the colors.


It got pretty messy, I'm glad we were outside. Mason didn't want to stop this experiment, but unfortunately we ran out of vinegar (something that rarely happens in our house). So, we will have to make a trip to the store and try it again someday soon. This was such an easy little "project" to do and clean up. We just dumped some water on the table when we were done to wash everything away. Hopefully I can scrounge around and find more fun (and frugal) things for us to try soon.



LeAnna said…
My Q loves this! He likes to use a medicine dropper and make designs. So fun! Have you tried making flubber? I've used the borax recipe, which I feel is fine as long as no one puts it in their mouth. However, Sprig still puts EVERYTHING in her mouth, so I'm thinking about making the Metamucil recipe so I don't have to watch her like a hawk...

Love his "woah!" face!
Barb said…
Love seeing Mason pouring the vinegar and the "whoa" face!
Adrienne said…
I love the "whoah!" face too!!! So fun that ideas like this can get passed around for all to enjoy. I really like the medicine dropper idea mentioned above!
Amanda said…
Great idea... I may have to try this with the Marsh :)
Skye said…
As I was reading this I was thinking - Hey I think I did this as a kid to make a volcano for a school project LOL and sure enough it is the same thing! Cool!
I will need to try this as I am seriously lacking in the creativity department here!
Lesly said…
this is way cool! We are going to try this after harvest is over. I agree with Skye.. slacking in the creativity department here too :(

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