Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A House Story

Tyler and I were walking the kids around town, near campus of the college he will be coaching at while the kids napped (on us and in the stroller). We were coming down the sidewalk and came across this house and had to stop and gawk. We pointed out the curved windows on the first floor and Tyler said it reminded him of something out of Harry Potter. I wondered what the people that lived there were like and if it looked similarly ornate on the inside. We were eventually able to peel our eyes away and continued our walk.

We walked around campus, waiting for our appointment time with the lady (who works for the college) to show us three rentals they had available. We still had an hour to wait, so we were taking our time wandering about. I was walking holding Mason's hand and Tyler had stroller duty. Mason and I had to of course take the more exciting route, which led us to a big bulletin board that was empty except for one piece of paper. I almost ignored it, but last minute decided to glance at it.
"3 bedroom house for rent"
I told Tyler to come see and he called the number. Things move really fast in this town so we were expecting it to already be rented, especially since the paper looked like it had been there a while. The owner answered and said he could meet us there in 10 minutes. He gave us directions and we were only a couple blocks away. We strapped the babies on our backs (best way to look at houses, by the way) and we headed that way. When we came around the corner and saw it was the same house we had stopped to admire earlier, we laughed.
The owner was very nice, showed us around and told us what he had been getting for rent. That number scared us a little, we told him the price range we were looking at and he said if we are interested to give him a call, perhaps we could work something out. So, we left for our appointment.

We were about 20 minutes early to our meeting spot. The lady we met was about 20 minutes late. Come on, if we can be there on time with three hungry, hot, and tired kids, surely you can arrive on time, too. Alone, nonetheless. Ahem... Anywho, we went off to see the three places and while they were sufficient, they were half the size of the Harry Potter house, no dishwasher (bad news for us), and on busier streets.

We discussed our options as we walked around town while Elliot and Finnley took another nap. We felt that if we could somehow get the big house for a similar price as the smaller ones, we could justify it. The worry of higher utility bills caused some hesitation, but after a quick stop at the bakery (yum!) Tyler called the owner and we negotiated a price we were more comfortable with. We met the next day to make it official. So, we will be moving next month into this beauty!

Funny how God leads us to different things. We are very excited to move into our new home. Packing has begun!


Adrienne said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I don't think it's possible that I could be more jealous of you than I am right now!! That house is stinkin' AMAZING!!!

Barb said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

We can't wait to see it! Forgot to ask what you will do with your furniture

LeAnna said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

What a lovely place! Can't wait to see you make it yours!