Baby Fever

Let me clarify right off the bat, I do NOT have baby fever. I'm half convinced I will never suffer from such a thing again. These kids have perhaps provided a cure to the chronic baby fever so many women suffer from. Ha!
Tyler and I have reached the point in our lives that so many of our friends are having babies. Babies babies babies! They are everywhere. High school friends, college friends, work friends, blog friends, neighbors. They are all popping out kids.
I thought it would be fun to share some of the newer babies in our friends' lives. Because, who doesn't like to look at baby pictures?! And for those of you still suffering from that baby fever condition, sorry, this won't help.
My blog friend, Adrienne, had her second son, Cadriel. And wow, you HAVE to read the birth story. It is awesome. Find it {here}.

My pen pal, Alyssa, from waaay back in the day had her first baby last month. Sweet, little Asher. Wish she lived closer so I could meet him.

I'm seeing a pattern here, boy, boy, aaand another boy. Skye, another blog friend, also had a son after a grueling pregnancy. She has quite a story, too. Little Tyler had to have open heart surgery before he turned one month old! You can read about it {here}.

And, coming soon...
My cousin (Kirk) and his wife (Erin) are expecting their first baby in November! Aren't they cute? They just found out they are having a girl!

Another cousin, Suzi, is expecting her third towards the end of the year. Her kids are adorable, so I have high expectations for this next one.

My nephew, coming in August (probably)! My sister, Lindy, is naturally pretty pregnant, don't you think? I'm so excited for his arrival.


Skye said…
Awww yeah! Babies everywhere. LOL! You have your hands full too for a while I would think! :) Our baby days are over - 2 is it for us ... Two kids are tough - very tough. I am still adjusting to say the least. I give so much credit to parents who have more than 2 kids. It's not easy - but they are a blessing ... so it's rewarding too! :) Congrats to you on becoming an aunt soon .... yay!!!

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