Monday, June 24, 2013


  • Tyler took Finnley's diaper off after a nap, because it was leaking onto his shirt, set her on the floor and left to do something else. She started grunting, but before I could get to her.. she pooped on the floor and of course stuck her foot in it. Gah! So I took her straight to the bath to rinse her down and told Tyler to hurry to the living room before Elliot ate the poop or something. He got there just in time. She had a big handful... Ah, the joys of twins.

  • Mason peed in the potty and brushed his teeth. Successful evening.
Mason and Great Grandma Jackie
  • Mason was giving Elliot and Finnley zorbs and tickles. It was pretty cute and there were lots of laughs involved.

  • Our toddler decided to eat something besides chips. Hallelujah.

  • Tyler and I made up a list of questions to ask our new landlord. Behold our future home.

  • Mason asked where his cousins were. He missed them after a fun weekend together.

  • Elliot and Finnley decided to nap at 5pm, so bedtime was a couple hours later than normal. If only that meant tomorrow could start a little later than normal, too.. I'm not holding my breath.