Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What Can I Say, We Have Our Hands Full

Or so that is what everyone says when they see us out and about with the kids. "Wow, you sure have your hands full!" Hear it all the time. It is true. Literally. Especially this week. Those darn babies and their growing teeth. They do NOT want to be set down. I'm so happy my husband is done with school for the summer. If he wasn't home during the day, I'd be pulling my hair out. I am pretty lucky!

Dad & Elliot

We just got back from a weekend of hardcore house hunting. Well, it felt pretty hardcore anyhow. Just so you know, getting in and out of the car every 15 minutes with three kids who need buckled into car seats isn't too fun. Two of those kids hate riding in the car and the other one kicks. I love looking at houses, but I'm glad to take a break.

Mason pushing Finnley

House hunting? Why yes. I do believe I forgot to mention that we are moving. Again. Tyler got a job as an assistant women's basketball coach at a college in south-central Iowa. A great start down the path towards his dream job. The kicker is.. it pays very poorly. He will also be substitute teaching in the area.

We spent our weekend, when not house hunting, in a crappy hotel. The pool was nice and so were the beds. But the floor right inside our room was drenched (like walking through a puddle) from the air conditioner leaking. They basically threw out a loaf of bread and a jar of jelly for the "continental breakfast". And, it just had an overall musty scent in the air. You get what you pay for?

So, now you kind of know where I've been lately. Here and there, with my hands full. I have a handful of posts I have started but lost steam on or been called to bed by a crying baby. Perhaps one of these days I'll find a way to balance it all. Perhaps. In the meantime, try not to miss me too much should I disappear randomly!


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Closer to me?!?! :)

and yes, you DO have your hands full!