Lindy's Owl Themed Baby Shower

My sister is due in a couple weeks with her first baby, so last month we threw her a baby shower at my parents' house. Lindy is obsessed with owls, so it was no question that would be the theme we were to go with. Close family and friends joined us for the afternoon to celebrate the impending arrival of my nephew.

On the menu? Lindy's cravings. Just as random and odd as any other mama-to-be. Watermelon, cheese cubes, banana bars, mints patties, chocolate cake, gummy bears, and honeydew.

The guests filled out advice/prediction cards, I know Lindy will enjoy looking back at those down the road. Plus, it is always fun to see when other people think baby is going to arrive. The male guesses on weight and length are usually amusing. My guess is August 7th!

We did one big game for the shower, The Price is Right. My husband was the host and did an amazing job in the role. We had people come down and guess the price of different items (just like in the game show) and the closest would then go head to head in a mini game with Lindy. They guessed on things from baby powder to cloth diapers, apps to toys. It was amusing to hear some of the guesses and some were just outrageous (ahem, Kirk).

The little mini games played were:
Baby Trivia
Bottle Drinking Contest

Baby Animal Match-Up
Baby Food Blind Taste Test


Diaper Changing Race

Baby Sock Matching Race
Birth Charades

I had a lot of fun planning everything for the game and watching it unfold. I think most everyone enjoyed playing, too. At the end of each mini game, the winner won a small gift card. As hoped, Lindy won every time except once, when our Great Aunt Sondra was gracious enough to pass her prize onto the mom-to-be.
That same Great Aunt won the roll of the dice and went up in the showcase showdown with Lindy. Lindy's showcase was a $25 Amazon gift card and since she guessed within a dollar of the actual value, she also won Sondra's showcase, an owl gift basket (see it HERE).

August 7th (my birthday guess) is just a few days away. I can't wait to meet my nephew!


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