My Sister Had A Baby

Just two days past Lindy's due date, my nephew arrived. She texted us at 4:30 that morning letting us know her water had broke, so we packed up the kids and all our stuff a few hours later and hit the road. It was a long trip (180 miles), but we made it to the birth center an hour before he was born. I was so worried we were going to miss it! Luckily, I was able to be there to witness her amazing natural water birth and take pictures (on her fancy pants Canon 5D Mark III).
Here's one of the pictures I took, just a couple minutes old.

Viggo Henry
8lbs, 10oz & 20.5 inches long

He's pretty cute, as expected. Lots of hair, little rolls all over his body, and a chin shaped perfectly for heavy duty thumb sucking. I wish we could have spent more time with the little guy, but we decided it may be a more peaceful start to his life if we took our show on the road. Our kids are pretty loud, like, all the time.


I feel like we have been here and there and everywhere the past month. I finally got around to emptying my camera contents onto the computer, how about a peek at life recently?


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