5 Months.

Dear Mason,

I think your growing has slowed down a bit this month. I weighed you (at home.. so who knows how accurate that is..) and you're up to 17 pounds, 10 ounces. I'm sure you've gotten a bit taller, too, but not quite sure how much.

You've become more coordinated with your hands. You grab everything you can get your mitts on. Toys, faces, tables, even my camera. And of course once you've got a hold of something, it is going to go straight into your mouth.

The doorway jumper has become more fun, both for you and us. You love to spend time in it and while you don't quite jump, you're getting quite good at your dance moves. We love to watch your choreography.

Baths have moved from the floor, to the shower. Mr. Splish Splash, you could spend hours in the whale bath. Of course, you don't, but you could.

No teeth yet, which is okay with me.

Car rides aren't your favorite. It gets boring sitting in the seat for too long. If it isn't your regular nap time, you don't fall asleep.

We're still loving the cloth diapers. Your medium fuzzibunz now fit quite perfectly. I remember when they looked huge and thought wow, those won't fit for forever.
Some bibs have been outgrown, new ones had to be purchased because you go through A LOT in a day.
Hats have become no big deal at all. It is still cold out, so you wear them whenever we leave the house.

You love looking around when we leave the house, especially outside. There is just so much to look at. We've perfected Ergo riding on the back. I'm still not sure how I got you there the first time without dumping you on the floor, but we succeeded and now you ride along when I vaccuum. Otherwise you cry.

You and tummy time are no longer friends. 2 minutes go by and you're done!

You would much rather sit up. In fact, that's all you want to do. Sit.

Until next month,

Lots of kisses,




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