Minnesota, This Is Your 2 Months Notice.

Were moving! Woo Hoo! We don't actually have a house to live in yet, but Tyler got a new job. He'll be teaching and coaching still, but now in the great state of... Nebraska. We will actually be just over an hour from my parents, which is grand. Also, over an hour closer to his folks. Later this month we are going to head south to look at a few houses to rent. We would like to buy.. but we cannot do so yet. Because we are poor.. and paying hundreds of dollars each month towards student loans.. and our health insurance deductible from having Mason. But, the good news is, once Tyler starts, we will have full family insurance for FREE!!! I'm so tired of dealing with crap from our private insurance provider and can't wait to give them the boot. If we like the location and Tyler likes the job, we might look into purchasing a house once our savings account is replenished. We prefer to live in the country, where are dogs can roam free and we can walk around the house naked without our neighbors seeing us (we don't really do that.. or do we?). There aren't too many choices for rural rental properties. One is just outside a town (population: 216) that according to city-data.com, 84% have a high school degree or higher, but 0% have a bachelor's degree or higher. We might just live there so we can feel really smart and uppity. We've moved our fair share of times before, so I'm hoping to be super-organized when it comes to this move. I know our parents will laugh it if they read that. We also have a ton of junk to get rid of. When I say a ton, that is an understatement. I am going to be listing a fair amount of goods on craigslist and visiting gazelle.com a few times and maybe, if we are adventurous enough, we will have a yard sale. Maybe. Probably not. Don't hold your breath. Overall we are just excited for the new things happening to our family. Mason was especially excited when we told him we were moving.


LeAnna said…
Oh my gosh, I laughed out loud about the walking around the house naked part. LOL!!! I seriously told my Hubby the other day that I want to move back out to the country so I can go get the mail in my pj's...:P Congrats on the exciting opportunity!
what a beautiful baby!
and I say walk naked in full view of the neighbors...it'll give them something to talk about

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