Friday, April 1, 2011

Flashback Friday.

I had an amazing childhood. No sob stories here. Except that we ate pork chops and goulash way too often. That's the worst it got. My sister and I fought our fair share, but we played and played and played. Luckily we grew up near our cousins (7 of them) so we could play and play and play some more.

Sister-Lindy, me, Cousins-Brandie and Brooke My cousins, Brandie and Brooke have a younger sister, but she didn't match us in age, so it was mostly the four of us playing together. In case you were wondering, the third sister is Breanne. And, don't worry, sometimes we let her be the mailbox. Brandie is a year older than me and used to punch me in the stomach on the school bus.. when I was in kindergarten. But, I don't hold it against her. Everyone needs an outlet for their anger. Brooke and Lindy are the same age and were inseparable. Here comes a story. One evening, at Brandie and Brooke's house, we were playing in the field by the well. I do not remember exactly what imaginative scenes we were concocting, nor do I know why we were allowed to play by a well out in the field. But, we were pretending to be somebody and pretending to do something when all of a sudden we freeze. There was a sound. Then, Brandie remembers something that scares the crap out of all of us. The neighbor's emu was loose. Yes, the neighbors had an emu. Why? I don't know. But, I'm pretty sure they also had a meth lab in their basement. Just saying. So, we are all frozen in horror. Nobody wants to move. Everyone knows an emu is like a t-rex. They only see you if you are moving. Right? We come up with a simple plan: RUN! So, we run towards the house. Sprinting, because it is obviously chasing us. There was no time to get all the way to the house safely, so we pile into my mom's car (which is parked 25 feet from the house). Our hearts are racing as we glance around us in fear. We don't see anything, but just know the bird is lurking behind the shed. So, we sit and wait it out. No one is brave enough to exit the vehicle. Here's the anticlimactic ending. Our parents come out of the house and are ready to go home. The emu wasn't loose, they found it earlier in the day.