Thursday, June 9, 2011

7 Months.

Dear Mason,

You are hard at work, growing away.  You've hit many milestones lately, it is hard for us to not be continuously smiling with pride.

Your first tooth poked through and more are on their way, judging by how cranky you've been lately.
Soon that smile you love to show off whenever I whip out the camera with be filled with teeth!

That crankiness has been a doozy lately and you've spent a lot of time riding on my back when all you want to do is be touching me.  We do the dishes, laundry, cook, clean.. you're going to be so domestic when you grow up!

You've begun saying "mama", mostly when you're upset.
You whisper "dada", mostly when you're happy.
How is that fair?

Blowing raspberries hasn't lost its magic.

I think you're going to crawl soon, or at least sooner than I thought.  You've got half the fundamentals down and can go backwards, but those arms and legs just haven't figured out how to work together yet.  That, and you get cranky too fast when on your tummy still.

You had took your first dip in a pool.  It wasn't bad, but there weren't any smiles either.  I believe the preceding nap just wasn't long enough, otherwise you'd have enjoyed yourself more.  We bought a small blow-up pool for home and have tried it out once.  You sure do enjoy splashing!

Your enjoyment of the water spurs from your love of the bath.  Lately, you don't want to lean back, you just want to sit up.  None of that leaning back stuff.  So, you've started sitting in your whale bath, although if it is too full, you start to float and fall over until you find your balance.

We try to spend a good amount of time outside because inside toys get old fast.  You and I go get the mail every day.  It is a short walk, but a nice break from being inside.  It has been too windy/too hot/too cold/too rainy a lot lately, so I'm hoping the weather starts to get its act together soon, we have lots of discovering to do!

You do things that make me laugh.  Some things you do on purpose, some are accidents.  Regardless, you don't know how funny you are yet.

Keep up the smiles.

Love always,



LeAnna said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Awww, that little sailor outfit up top is PRESH, and i love the picture of him snuggling with kitty. Too sweet!

Amanda said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Love these photos! I love the one of him lounging in the pool chair :)