Tivoli Fest and Teeth.

Friday night, Tyler and Mason were reunited.  Smiles, smiles, everywhere.

Saturday was Tivoli Fest (a Memorial weekend Danish celebration in my hometown)  Mason went to his first parade.  He of course loved the constant change of scenery a parade brings, even though it was cold and rainy.

Too young for the candy they throw, but a fly swatter, that's another story.

Instead of Tivoling (definition--the act of participating in Tivoli activities), we spent a great deal of time up at Great Grandma Jackie's where Mason tasted his first aebleskiver and took an exceptionally long nap.

Mason was passed from person to person, not unusual.

And, all week, there had been fussing.  Crankiness.  Waking at night and crying.
Now, we know why.
A sharp, little tooth has poked its way through.
Soon this gummy smile won't be so gummy.


Skye said…
Congrats on the first tooth!! Awww! I love the bottom picture! :)

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