Sunday, January 23, 2011

120,000 Miles.

So, our car, an '02 Sebring, has passed the monumental 120,000 miles. It may not show on the outside (since we just got 4 new tires before Christmas, Merry Christmas! Ugh.) but it has its faults.
1. The "Check Engine" light has been stuck on for the last... hmm.. 40,000 miles?
2. One of the windows got stuck down this summer, but we had that fixed. Still fixed? No. Don't roll down any windows.
3. The rear driver's side door cannot be opened from the inside. The car seat is on the passenger side, so if we have a third person with us, they need to be let out when we arrive at a destination. It can feel good if you like to be pampered.. all chauffeur-style. Or, it can be a nightmare, claustrophobia-style. It is not so convenient when Mason and I are by ourselves on a long trip and I have to get into the back seat to nurse him. I have to crawl from back to front.. not an easy task. I'm sure it looks amusing though.
4. Our heat/air has two settings now. Off or super high. There is no in between. This makes it hard to find a comfortable temperature. It takes skill. Also, you can't just have the feet heat setting on.. the defrost is stuck on with it.
5. Our ceiling has cigarette burns in various places. Not caused by us, but still there. I just recently noticed this one. Luckily, it isn't often someone gets in the car and instantly looks up to study the roof.
6. If you don't lift the trunk open all the way, it will slam back down. Watch your fingers!
The worst part is.. it isn't paid off yet. So, we are paying $220 a month for a car with the 6+ listed features. Isn't that everyone's dream. Oh well, it will soon be paid off (I think--that's a bill Tyler pays, as it was his purchase), and it will be ready for all the things Mason plans to do to it, whether it be markering on the seats, puking all over the place, or sticking his bubble gum in hidden areas. Can't wait to add to the list of features of our beautiful, black car.
We joke about what could possibly go wrong next. Perhaps we will be on an outing and suddenly none of the doors work from the inside. We will have to drive up to some people and yell (can't roll down the windows) for someone to let us out.. and hope they still work from the outside. Do they ever have to use the jaws of life on a car when it hasn't been crashed? Maybe we'll be the first.