Now that I have moderately fast internet back at my disposal, I was able to upload Christmas pictures!
Christmas Eve Service
We sat with the Double G's at church. Of course everyone gawked at that little boy we brought along. Can't say I mind.
Lynette waited a month and a half to see Mason and she couldn't wait to get her hands on him at church.

I think this is our first official family photo.

After church we went to the Double G's for supper and presents.

Mason was content to sit in his car seat and stare at the ceiling fan.

Double G-pa pulling the succulent ham out of the oven.

Mason enjoyed the blue Christmas lights and matched the tree.

Double G-pa got some fancy winter gear! The hat has ears.
The next afternoon we opened presents at my parents' house.

Mason got lots of goodies, of course.

Pass around the best present of all!

Reading presents.

Aunt Lindy showed up with pink eye. Maggie was the only one that would go near her.

I finally let Aunt Lindy hold Mason, she had to scrub up and promise not to touch eyes.
Our next Christmas was at Great Grandma Jackie and Great Grandpa Roger's house. This was the place with most people, and the claws came out (even before we got there I was getting texts.. actually even before Mason was born there was "calling him")

The Great Aunts who insist on keep "The" in front of their title. I think they should embrace the "Great"!

Next, we headed to Tyler's Dad's for dinner.

Uncle Luke didn't get to hold Mason the first time they met because he was sick.

Grandma Barb.
Dad.. and two babies!
And to round out our Christmas celebrations, Grandma Deb's.
Looking at a ceiling fan again!
We had a wonderful time seeing family and friends over the holidays and wish we could visit everyone more often! It is nice not having anywhere to go though, too!


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