2 Months.

Dear Baby Mason,
Another month of your life has flown by. You are letting me sleep more than you used to, but are still hungry every two hours, even at night. You smile more often and have sooo much to talk about. All your baths take place in the whale bath now (except when at Grandma Kim and Grandpa Tim's, then it is in the sink). It is really hit or miss whether or not you like it. One time you'll smile, the next you'll cry and cry. I no longer put the heater on the table though, just put a wet, warm washcloth on your body. Your favorite part of the bath is rinsing. You love the water being poured over you.
You are crying less often now since you are able to make more facial expressions and show how you are feeling in different ways.

I haven't seen you "discover" your hands yet, but you have started grabbing objects and hitting things. I'm not sure you are aware of your doing this, but it is happening.
You spend a lot more time laying on the floor and getting good with alone play time. You'll be content to sit in your pack n' play and just talk away to the hippos.
You are getting huge!! At your 2 month appointment, you weighed 13 pounds, 1 ounce and were 21 inches long. A healthy, solid boy!
You no longer poop in every diaper, thank goodness. You are down to pooping every few days and the gas is getting better. While you are still fussy during the night, you are a whole lot easier to console.
You started sitting propped up better and have great head control. You are even able to sit in the bumbo now, but only for a few minutes at a time while I switch the laundry or wash my hands.
Tummy time is becoming more enjoyable for you and I don't use your pillow as often. But lately you keep rolling over and I have to keep setting you back on your belly! You've become more interested in toys and have even started playing the piano when I hold it in front of you! Such a musical genius already.
Dad and I read books to you still and I still do a lot of singing. You are really interested in both forms of communication.
You are getting stronger and stronger every day. Such an acrobat at times.
When you are fussy, the fastest and easiest way to calm you down is to hold you on your belly. Works like a charm.

We are enjoying every moment with you and can't wait to see what the next month brings!




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