Monday, January 10, 2011

So Crafty.

Look what I made today! Not the diaper (I'm not that advanced yet.. although I'd like to be), the baby leggings! It was actually pretty easy, but I'm still proud of myself anyhow. I'm more proud of the thing I made that is wearing the baby leggings :)
Actually, today has been a crafty momma kind of day. I started off making my own chicken stock (that ended up tasting like the low sodium version--which it really is) and freezing a bunch of that, then I ordered a bunch of supplies to make wool dryer balls (more to come someday about that), and then I sewed some babylegs. Can you tell Mason has been especially sleepy today?
Tomorrow is 2-month doctor appointment for the little guy. I am really excited to find out his stats, but so nervous for his shots. I am going to talk to the doctor about possibly doing two at a time, one in each leg. That way, if he reacts, I will know what was at fault. I'm also not looking forward to the pain it will cause him :(