Monday, January 31, 2011

Coaches Vs. Cancer.

Some know, but not all do.. my husband is a 6th grade teacher, but more importantly to him, a basketball coach. This past Saturday was not only his 31st birthday (yeah, he's old), but also his Coaches vs. Cancer night. Tyler has been working on getting this night together since.. hmm.. August? We would brainstorm all the different companies we could write for donations while we watched TV. I'm sure he sent over 200 letters out (that's a lot of calories sacrificed, licking all those envelopes). Tons of stuff was donated, mostly by local people/businesses.
The donations were used for raffles, a silent auction, and prizes for basketball bingo. Yes, I said basketball bingo. Probably the most fun you can have at a basketball game. Instead of numbers to cross off, different scenarios take their place. It isn't often you hear both sides of a crowd cheer for a charge call!
When all was said and done, the night raised $2,215. Last year's total:$1,533. What an improvement! Alllllll the money was donated to The American Cancer Society. That's right, basketball bingo and giving to a charity by playing it. I told you it doesn't get much better.
I'm very proud of my husband and everything he did to get ready for the night.