Welcome, 2011.

Hmmm, resolutions? How about goals. Here are my goals for 2011:
  • Be A LOT better at sending out cards for birthdays and anniversaries. I did this for about a third of a year once, but then got really bad at it.

  • Take more pictures.. just kidding. I take tons already, but I would like to get all of the ones I have organized. Start and finish my wedding (it was only 1.5 years ago) scrapbook. Print off pictures for all the frames hanging around the house that still display the picture frame models. Organize/backup my photos on the computer.

  • Blog every day.. ha. I've already slacked on that one. Let's go for more often than in 2010.

  • Keep the house clean. I'm hoping that will be easier the more independent Mason gets. I've been slacking the past couple (or more, who wants to clean floors 9 months pregnant, forget nesting) months. I do enjoy tidy living.

  • Get really good at couponing. I sometimes print off coupons and usually forget I have them. We could stand to save some extra cash, hopefully I can improve at this.

  • Breastfeed at least until June (if not longer). I'm not looking forward to the whole getting teeth thing, but want to power through it! Why June? Don't know, just needed to have a goal month and the month of our anniversary sounded good.

  • Go on a few dates with my husband, perhaps? We don't see Tyler too often, so I know he loves the time he gets to spend with Mason, but it would be great for us to get some time for ourselves. Aunt Lindy will appreciate the babysitting time, too, I'm sure.

Those are all I have for now, but it is never to late to set a goal.


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