Sunday, January 30, 2011

Just Some Diaper Talk.

So, I layed out all of my pockets the other night, at least the ones Mason fit at the time (he was in a trifolded prefold + fleece liner and cover--we never really do that, but I wanted everything clean so I could snap a stash shot!). Turns out, the morning after I took the photo, he no longer fit his size small WAHM diapers we received as a gift at the shower back at the beginning of the month. His thighs grew too much.
Most of the diapers are Kawaii, they are cheap and I love them, especially the Goodnight Heavy Wetter ones. He can go 14+ hours in one (at night.. when I get lazy) with only one insert and no leaks! Love them. There are also some Sunbabys--another cheapo I decided to try. Can't beat $6/dipe.. and free shipping.. from China. Too many one size FuzziBunz.. can't decide if I like them or not. I am very tempted to sell those and get more cheap diapers, but I don't know how everything will fit down the road, so I think I'll hold off.
I don't have any "designer" dipes, but for over $20 each, it just isn't affordable. Adorable, yes. Affordable, no. I will stick with my inexpensive stash. They may not be one-of-a-kind, but I don't know anyone else who uses cloth, so they basically are :)
And... the entire collection... (except one green fuzzibunz). Grand total: 38.