Accidental Milestone.

Today, Mason rolled over. He was on his tummy for the ever popular "tummy time" on the floor without his tummy time pillow and began to slowly tilt to the side until he ended up on his back. He started fussing, so I put him back on his tummy and it happened again. But he had had enough of that so two times was the max for the day. I called my mom and asked if that counts as rolling over since he obviously didn't mean to do it. She said that's how it happens. So... Mason has started to roll over! :)

Also today, I discovered exactly how dirty babies can get. You'd think he's been out playing in the dirt (and there is no dirt, it is all covered by snow). So, he got a nice hand and feet washing. I don't even want to talk about what it looked like between the toes! If he's this dirty now, how bad is it going to be when he is finally big enough to actually start making mud pies???


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